Japan Rivers and Named Features

The Japan Placenames Search Engine contains the GNS placename dataset, with more than 50,000 named features. For those interested, the entire dataset can be downloaded here in ESRI Shapefile format.

You will want to sort out the Feature Type Designations (see field descriptions).

We are also posting the DCW Japan Rivers dataset for downloading here in ESRI coverage format.


    Japan Historical GIS
    Japan Datasets and Search Engine
  • DCW
    'Digital Chart of the World'
    Japan Drainage Network, ca 1995
    (note: DCW has been superceded by VMAP0 and VMAP1, the main DCW download link at PSU appears to be dead)
    source files
  • GNS
    GEOnet Names Server, Name Files of Japan, ca 2003.
    source files

    'GNS Feature Designation Cross-Reference'
    online index