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Merrick Lex Berman

PO Box 426028, Cambridge, MA 02142

Academic and Job Experience:

Harvard University, IQSS, Institute Fellow, 2018-2019

Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis, Web Services Manager & GIS Specialist, 2013-2018

Harvard China Historical GIS, Project Manager, 2001-2012

MIT Internet & Telecoms Convergence Consortium, Office Administrator, 1998-2000

Academia Sinica, Taiwan - Fulbright Scholar 1997-98 - Chinese Geography

UMASS - Amherst, M.A. Chinese Language 1998

U.S. Asia Environmental Partnership - Taipei 1998 - Analyst for U.S. DOC ISA

U.S. Asia Environmental Partnership - Washington D.C. 1997 - Program Associate

DuBois Library, Amherst, 1996-97 - East Asian Languages Cataloger

Language Village, Inashi, Nagano, Japan, 1994-95 English Teacher

Beijing Normal University - 1992-93 - English Teacher & Exchange Program Lead

UMASS - Amherst, B.A. Asian Languages 1992

Externally Funded Conference Participation:

World Historical Gazetteer - 1st Workshop Sep 2017 [Univ of Pittsburgh]
supported by NEH Grant to World History Center

Chinese Local Gazetteers Workshop Apr 2015 [Berlin]
supported by Max Planck Inst for the History of Science

Moving Geodata to The Web Oct 2014 [New York]
supported by Arthur P. Sloan Grant to New York Public Library

World Historical Gazetteer [Start Up Grant] Sep 2014 [Univ of Pittsburgh]
supported by NEH Start Up Grant to World History Center

Workshop on Historical GIS 2014 [Kyoto, Japan]
supported by Ritsumeikan University

Historical GIS Training Workshop 2012 [Riyadh, Saudi Arabia]
supported by King Abdulaziz Foundation

Monies Markets and Finance in East Asia Workshop, Apr 2009 [Bochum, Germany]
Supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

CHGIS Spatio-Temporal Data Model and WEB 2.0, 8 Oct 2007 [Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin]
Supported by MPI and Open Geographic Information Network

hist2006 Geschichte im Netz Conference 2006 [Berlin, Germany]
supported by ClioOnline & Humboldt University Berlin

GeoHistory Network Conference 2005 [Philadelphia, PA]
supported by Mellon Foundation & GeoHistory Network

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative & Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Joint Meeting 2005 [Honolulu, Hawaii]
supported by Henry Luce Foundation & Pacific Neighborhood Consortium

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative & Pacific Neighborhood Consortium Joint Meeting 2002 [Osaka, Japan]
supported by Pacific Neighborhood Consortium

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative, Annual Meeting 2001 [Guadalajara, Mexico]
supported by Harvard Asia Center

Technical Persuasions:

  • QGIS, ArcGIS, R Spatial
  • Leaflet
  • MySQL, PostGres
  • Node.js
  • Hugo, Hexo, Metalsmith
  • LibreOffice
  • Gimp
  • Audacity



  • Bicycling
  • Science Fiction
  • Illustration
  • Buddhist Meditation


  • Frog